Top Gun on PSN Review

As most of you know Top Gun is a movie that was released in 1986. They have had a number of releases in the video game world and on various platforms. The latest game is based similarly on the movie. You play as “Maverick” who was made famous by Tom Cruise. All the familiar names are in the game as well such as Goose, Jester, Iceman and the tower commander.

When I was given this game to review, I was happy and excited. But then my excitement disappeared when I started playing . On the tutorial itself, I was having a hard time hitting the enemies. Here’s a little background on my experience on these types of games: very little. I tried playing Ace Combat back in the days, but I couldn’t get the hang of it. I figured this would turn out bad for me. After a few more hours under my belt and a few more “flight hours” experience, I was able to hit targets and move around more swiftly in the air. But that still doesn’t mean I’m getting better at the game. LOL.

During the campaign, after the training session with everyone, Maverick decides to do a flyby on the tower making the tower commander spill coffee on himself and yell, “I’m covered in coffee. I WANT SOME BUTTS!” LOL. The game definitely includes some good nostalgia in the gameplay.

Speaking of the game itself, it’s a downloadable game from PSN, so the graphics are nothing to brag about, but the small size make the load time bearable. Campaign has 3 main “stages” and each stage has 4-8 mini-stages, with each having different objectives. Fortunately, campaign is not the only offering, so there is an online multiplayer mode. The online modes include Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the flag, Bombing Run, and Top Gun. There is also Horde Mode, and as you would expect, it is very similar to Gears of War.

The only thing I saw problematic with the game, was its controls, and I am not the only one griping about this. Many others also have problems with the controls, especially during hard dogfights. Also, another problem I ran into was the location of a missile countermeasure, as it is located on the left D-Pad. That button assignment makes it difficult to control your plane as well as launch your countermeasure at the same time, but it’s not enough to ruin the gameplay.

During dogfights there are a few features that you can find useful. One main feature is CFI (Controlled Flight Instability mode), which allows you to be in a 3rd person view (pictured below) and allows you to track your target more easily. That is one feature you will definitely want to use, as I know I did use it a lot.

For the most part, this was an enjoyable game. Even with not being a fan of flight simulators, I had times where it was a lot of fun. For those that enjoy Ace Combat, this will be a game for you. I would recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good fighter plane game.

Grade: C

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