LOST Prop Auction Brings in Over $1.5 Million

This past weekend at the Santa Monica Municipal Airport in the Barker Hangar, the two-day LOST prop auction was held. The auction had a staggering 1,174 lots that drew an enormous crowd, with many fans even dressing up as their favorite character. General admission for fans were $42, with portions of the proceeds going towards various charities in Hawaii, as that’s where filming took place. Registered bidders were able to attend with no fee.

Bids were not only taken in person, but online as well. Enthusiasts from 50 different countries were bidding online, with about 78 percent of the items going to online bids. The Dharma Initiative Van was the highest selling item at a sale price of $47,500. Now I see how they get their practically endless funding.

Here are some of the highlight items from an official press release:

·       DHARMA Van: $47,500

·       Dial mechanism & mirror array from the Lighthouse: $27,500

·       Island time-shifting frozen wheel: $22,500

·       DHARMA Jeep: $20,000

·       Hurley’s Camaro: $20,000

·       Daniel Faraday’s journal w/extensive handwritten notes: $20,000

·       Swan Station Computer: $16,000

·       “Pilot” script signed by J.J. Abrams & Damon Lindelof  $15,000
·       Season Six production artwork: $15,000
·       Season One production artwork: $14,000
·       Desmond’s fail-safe key with “Joe Inman” dog tag; $11,000

·       Jack’s death costume from the series finale, “The End”: $9,000
·       Large section of Oceanic Flight 815 wreckage: $9,000

·       Charlie’s “DS” ring: $9,000

·       Locke’s Compass: $8,000

·       Baby Aaron’s crib: $8,000
·       Fragment of Jacob’s tapestry: $6,500
·       Hurley’s winning Mega Lotto Jackpot ticket: $5,500

·       Jack’s Pilot episode costume” $3,000
·       Sawyer’s paperback copy of “Watership Down”:  $2,750
·       Sawyer’s improvised reading glasses from Season Three: $2,250

·       Set chair for Matthew Fox “Jack”: $1,200

Other items that were up for bid worth mentioning were:

Sawyers Beach Chair

Mr. Eko’s Walking Stick

Locke’s Wheelchair

The Dharma Fish Biscuit Dispenser

Jack Shepard’s Medical Degree

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