James Cameron Shows Off His 3D Camera on G4

The Avatar director recently stopped in at Attack of the Show to show off his 3D camera. The director talked about some interesting specs on the rig as well as how he developed the technology and why side-by-side 3D cameras don’t work. James Cameron also revealed that a majority of Avatar was in fact shot by himself.

Here are the specs for James Cameron’s 3D rig:

  • This camera is called a mini beam splitter rig and is set up inverted to be handheld.
  • This rig was specifically created for the movie from two Sony cameras.
  • Unlike most 3D cameras, the Pace doesn’t use two side-by-side cameras for 3D effects.
  • Instead, it uses two cameras on the top and bottom to recreate how the 3D space will look on screen.
  • This technology is known as “fusion 3D.”
  • The beam splitter allows the two lenses to merge inside each other as the top camera can move side to side to change the interocular distance or change angles to control the convergence. [to control the “sweet spot” of the 3D image]
  • It’s a silent and fast 9-axis motion control system.
  • The rig weighs 28 lbs.
  • The two cameras must be finely calibrated in order to be doing the same thing at the exact same time.

James Cameron added that cost of one of these 3D cameras would cost you “a couple of Ferraris.” So don’t expect to see any floor models showing up at your local Best Buy.

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