Mega Man vs. Street Fighter 8-Bit Style

If anyone has followed the Capcom-Unity site, you might have heard about the “World of Capcom” art contest held not too long ago. There were literally thousands of fans entering art, video, and music submissions of everything Capcom. Included but not limited in that list were: Street Fighter, Captain Commando, and Mega Man in all his many forms. One video in particular, caught the eyes of many, including those over at Capcom.

The fan-made video is a demo of Mega Man vs. Street Fighter, using the 8-bit style of Mega Man (like Mega man 9 and 10) and does the same to the Street Fighter characters. This gives them everything from a life bar, a revenge gauge and the moves the world warriors are known for. Oh, I can’t forget to mention each character has their theme redone in midi format. Check it out!

Mega Man vs. Ryu (I dub him Fireball Man) in all its glory:


Round 2: Mega Man vs. Dhalsim (I call him Yoga Man):


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