Professor X and Magneto Gets Funky with the 60s

New details about the story for X-Men: First Class have surfaced, and it might be bad news for fans of X-Men. Aint It Cool talked to Bryan Singer, who’s producing the movie, to clear things up.

Let’s talk about the setting first. It’s going to take place in the 60s, during the time when John F. Kennedy is President and Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X are fighting for civil rights. Young Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Young Magneto (Michael Fassbender) team up to try to bring humans and mutants together by forming the X-Men. Charles will have hair and will not need a wheelchair.

The X-Men uniforms will be more flashy and will fit the 60s era.

Ok, now here are things that might get fans in an uproar. The chronology of the characters’ story will be inconsistent with the characters’ chronology in the comic. Cyclops and Jean Grey will not be the first members of X-Men. Havoc, Cyclop’s brother, will be in it, who’s being played by Lucas Till. In the comic, he is Cyclop’s younger brother, not older.

As for the villains, January Jones will be playing Emma Frost and Kevin Bacon will be playing Sebastian Shaw of the Hellfire Club.

Still, with Matthew Vaughn directing this, I have high hopes, since Kick-Ass was pretty awesome. X-men: First Class is due out in June, 2011.

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