David Fincher Not Too Enthusiastic about Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

Director David Fincher recently spoke with MTV about his upcoming Facebook bio-film, The Social Network. The film stars actor Andrew Garfield, who was recently picked to play Peter Parker in the Spider-Man reboot. The director didn’t seem like he could picture Garfield in that role.

“I can’t imagine [Garfield] in spandex, I can’t imagine him being comfortable. He’s a wonderful actor, he’s incredibly skilled and empathic and a lovely guy.”

The Fight Club director was, at one point, attached to direct the film rather than Marc Webb.

“I took a meeting and I easily got myself out of that one. I’ve never been interested in [superhero movies]. I just could not imagine someone getting bit by a radioactive spider.”

Spider-Man doesn’t really fit David Fincher’s normal movie style, but then again, it doesn’t fit Marc Webb either.  I guess we’ll just have to wait until more is revealed about the Spider-Man Reboot.

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