American Ninja Warrior 2 Tryouts at Venice Beach and Makoto Nagano Interview!

The title says it all!! Two weekends ago we were invited out to Venice Beach, California, to film the tryouts of American Ninja Warrior 2. What else could we ask for; beach, sun, and unbelievably hard obstacles. Screaming men, six packs, and nothing like the sound of face-plants on sun scorched plastic mats to make us think that Venice truly brings out the greatest characters in life. Don’t fret, dignity was still intact. Throughout the event we managed to catch the good with the bad and the weird. When Makoto Nagano sat down and talked to us we truly felt like we passed the Venice crazies test.  Mr. Nagano is a very humble competitor and truly brings out the mentality; if you set your mind to it, you can accomplish it.

Mr. Makoto Nagano

Among other things to do on a boat, this is one of them!

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