The Rock Returns to the WWE

During an interview with Mix 104, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson talked about his upcoming roles in Faster, Fast Five, and his plans to return to the wrestling ring. This summer he will return to the WWE as a reoccurring guest host, but has no plans of actually competing in the ring.

“How I would come back is a different capacity than what Hulk Hogan did or I believe Ric Flair is doing. Those guys are coming back to actually wrestle. I don’t want to wrestle; I have no intention of wrestling a match.”

I totally understand where The Rock is coming from.  Most of the matches where the older wrestlers compete with the younger guys are very cringing to watch.  The Rock may not be as worn down as Hogan and Flair, but most wrestlers that have gone on to do better things will tell you the abuse that you put your body through is unreal. So maybe The Rock won’t go after the WWE title, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he did end up dropping a couple Rock Bottoms and People’s Elbows.

“I do have intention of going back and hosting the show. Hosting a show like that would give me the opportunity to get on the microphone, rip open the writing, and invite guests on to come host with me. We wanted to create something cool, big and fun for the audience.”

This could really be great for the WWE talent.  Ever since the end of the Attitude Era, no wrestlers can remotely compare to the mic skills of The Rock.


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