Twilight Director to Helm Wolverine Sequel?

It looks like the directors of choice has been narrowed down for the Wolverine sequel. David Slade (Twilight: Eclipse) and Robert Schwentke (Flight Plan) are in the pool according to Vulture. But it seems like someone is suggesting that David Slade is going to be helming the sequel. In the end, Hugh Jackman is going to make the call on who’s going to direct.

The plot will take place in Japan, and McQuarrie’s draft will have Wolverine falling for a Japanese woman who’s going to be married to another man. When will Wolverine learn to go for somebody single? Imagine The Last Samurai, but with Wolverine instead of Tom Cruise. And this time, he’s going to go up against the woman’s entire family. Claws vs. swords.

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