Next Persona Project Announced *UPDATED* Now with New Trailer+Screenshots!

Atlus has formally announced that its popular Persona series will finally enter the next-gen era with a new game simply titled “Catherine”. Slated to appear on both PS3 and Xbox 360, Catherine is set to be released in Japan this Winter. On a more interesting note, Atlus states this will not be an RPG, but an action-adventure game. Whatever it is, I hope I get to know more about this devilishly delicious character!

Ad from the latest Famitsu

The official website has already been set up at . A splash image with the date 2010.8.23 can be seen leaving us to wonder just what Atlus has in store.

Update: A new debut animated trailer has been released on Famitsu along with brand new screenshots. (Trailer contains suggestive content)


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