J.J Abrams New Super 8 Viral Site, That Crazy Jew!

The world got a glimpse of the new J.J Abrams and Steven Spielberg film Super 8 and not too long after the first viral website http://www.scariestthingieversaw.com/ arrived. Rocket Poppeteers, newspaper images, and John F. Kennedy sound bites of Nuclear test bans were the first wave of viral confusion set upon us.

Now looks like those two crazy Jews are at it again with a new viral site, http://www.rocketpoppeteers.com/. This time around they added a more interactive console. Not much is said to what is referenced but one can easily guess that these might be characters, sounds, art concepts or  not even part of the movie. Only time will tell.

Now go spend countless hours trying to figure out what everything means and get back at us! Check out the pictures and trailer.

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