World of Warcraft is Like a Box of Chocolates, You Never Know What You’re Gonna Get

Well in this case, you do know what your going to get! The anticipated third expansion to the worlds most popular MMORPG (massive multilayer online role playing game) is now closer then ever with the release of a box-set special series. Blizzard has thrown in all the perks into one complete package. I guess the marketing and financial teams finally realized that once they have a person hooked, he or she would never return to the store to buy anymore of their products. So why not throw them all in one basket and have the employees ask for an undisclosed, most likely, huge sum of money?

We are not entirely sure if you will need to buy the original or the other two expansions to play, because it says “Full World of Warcraft Expansion Set” That might mean you will get an all inclusive CD-ROM & DVD-ROM with all previous versions or it just might be fancy for saying, “Nope, you still need to give the rest of your financial income, along with your soul, in order to achieve in-game godliness. The box set would be a cool little edition to your other nerd collections and will include a Cataclysm CD album, mouse pad, art graphics book and some behind the scenes commentary of popular videos and release projects.

The game itself will feature old world game play in a whole new way. The original landscapes and art of World of Warcraft will no longer be available even if you only have the original game and expansions. From expanding the game to a new cap of level 85, 5 less then normal, Blizzard had a chance to revamp most of the game giving it a Mick Jagger blood transfusion, sort to speak! Two new races are added, Alliance Worgen and Horde Goblin. Well we hope to give you an aisle 5 price check on the game soon. We were in fact told in a recent StarCraft II launch party that this expansion was due out in “the next couple of months”.

So sit back and take a look at some of the pictures and game preview below.

Horde - Goblin

Alliance - Worgen


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