Konami DDR PS3 Release Party – Culver City, CA

Konami DDR PS3 Release Party – Culver City, CA

What’s better than Maids playing DDR? Playing DDR with Maids! Last Thursday night, Nerd Reactor headed down to the Royal/T Maid Cafe in Culver City, California where Konami Digital Entertainment held a launch party for its upcoming DanceDanceRevolution title for PS3.

DDR holds a special place in my childhood. I was one of those kids who’d go to their nearest arcade and perform intensive songs to dazzle the crowd. Dripping pounds of sweat after the satisfaction of AA’ing Heavy-level songs, but enough about my DDR history, let’s move on to actual party!

Right when I checked in, I was immediately handed a some Green Apple Cotton Candy. Immediately turning my head, I was graced by the newest installment in the beloved series, a new revamped arcade cabinet of DanceDanceRevolutionX2.

It wouldn’t be a launch party with out an exclusive first look at the new DDR PS3 title. Several demos were set up where fans could try it out. The new game incorporates the upcoming Playstation Move, adding a new dimension to the already popular 4 arrow layout. In addition to syncing your foot work with the arrows, you must correctly move the controller to the correct position of the colored circles on the four corners of the screen. Seasoned bemani fans may recognize it’s similarities to an earlier bemani title, DANCE MANIAX. As for the songlist, Konami has opted for a much more robust western line-up with many familiar chart hits from Lady GaGa, Jason Mraz, Train, Kelly Clarkson, and more. That doesn’t mean their in-house productions are left out. TЁЯRA’s ever snow will make an appearance along with several tracks by Naoki. Dance Dance Revolution was also playable on the Wii with MotionPlus support, which targets a much broader audience. Not to be left out, demo units of Dance Master for the Kinect on the Xbox were also playable. The visuals in Dance Master certainly looked amazing and seeing yourself on the screen while playing was definitively cool. With such an impressive line-up, Konami is planning to get people back into the groove and dancing away!

Another special treat from Konami were appearances by seasoned bemani artists: NAOKI, U1 and jun. I admit, I wouldn’t have been a fan of techno music if it weren’t for these guys! DDR was my gateway to groovy dance music. In the last hours of the event, they put on a special DJ set just for the fans. Notable songs I could remember from the set included Dynamite Rave,Trip Machine, Healing Vision. The crowd was wild and everyone was hyped!

During the finale, Naoki came out with a special birthday cake for jun! The fans were asked to sing Happy Birthday. It didn’t take long for jun to tear up. It was super adorable!

If I learned anything, it’s that Konami sure knows how to throw parties for its fans. They are intent on bringing DDR back into limelight and enticing new and old fans alike. Between free food samples to free exclusive swag, I’d say it was a great success! DanceDanceRevolution is set to hit stores late 2010. Let the dance fever spread once again!

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