JAWS in Japan?

As a kid growing up I was really weird. When my uncle would take me to Odyssey Video, I’d usually pick a JAWS or Godzilla movie. I have probably seen JAWS more than 30 time and I loved all of the films including the really crappy 3D one that takes place at Sea World. Now imagine my reaction when I heard that there was a new JAWS movie coming out, JAWS IN JAPAN.

On October 12, the film will be released on DVD and apparently, it has nothing to do with the other films. The only thing it shares with the original movies is the name and a giant man-eating shark. The film is about a couple of hot Japanese college students that find themselves in a bad predicament.  They are being hunted by a serial killer on land and are being stalked by a giant shark in the water. Pretty much they’re screwed. The film stars Japanese Model Nonami Takizawa and her incredibly large breast.


There is no official trailer yet, but I did find a couple of making-of videos.  Most of them consist of the girls running on the beach, jumping up and down, and rubbing lotion on themselves.  Wait, is this JAWS or Dead or Alive Beach Volleyball? I’m pretty sure this is not legal, and if I was Universal, I’d be suing people left and right.  The one good thing that did come out of this movie is that it does conveniently work with my script JAWS vs GODZILLA. Steven Spielberg and TOHO Films, call me!

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