Gran Turismo 5 Bundled with Blue PS3 (Japan Only)

Japan is known for getting “special” and exclusive systems only available if you live in Japan or don’t mind paying high-imported prices. Well this time it is no different. Sony officially announced that Grand Turismo 5 will be releaseed on November 3rd in Japan for ¥7,980 (equivalent to about $95 US currently) for the game only. The first print is a Limited Edition that includes 5 DLC cars and a 308-page art book, fully detailing the tracks and cars.

If that isn’t expensive enough for you, Sony is releasing a GT5 racing pack that includes the Limited Print edition of GT 5, as well as the beautiful “Titanium Blue” PS3 and controller pictured for the low price of ¥35,980 ($420 US dollars). Is this too expensive for a console that can only play Japanese games? Well lucky for you, the PlayStation 3 is region-free for Blu-rays, meaning you can watch and play your US PlayStation 3 games and Blu-ray movies as well as (DVDs excluded) the Japanese GT5 you will be getting. You just won’t be able to understand what it is saying when you try to read or customize your cars, but that hasn’t stopped hardcore fans before.

Eat your heart out at the beautiful system, but for those of you who really want it, check out your local import store or import website like,, or to pre-order it. While supplies last.

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