Terry Tate Takes Down Starscream in Transformers 3

Remember Terry Tate? The lovable Office Linebacker with an unquenchable thirst for “putting a hurtin’ on fools”? Well recently he has been keeping himself busy appearing in Gears of War 3 as Cole Train, and now he can be seen in the final installment in the Transformers TrilogyStrictly Fitteds were on set with Lester Speight (aka Terry Tate) and are reporting that he’s confirmed that he will kill Starscream in the movie.  Not sure if I entirely trust the source being that they are a Fitted Hat website, but if anyone were to take down Starcream, I’m glad it will be the man that is Terry Tate and Cole Train.

Transformers 3 is scheduled to be released in 3D July 1, 2011.

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