Stars of TRUE BLOOD Get All Naked & Bloody for ROLLING STONE

“I wanna do bad thangs to yooooouuuuuuu.”  The Rolling Stone website has posted a preview of their September 2nd edition that features the stars of the deliciously sexy HBO show TRUE BLOOD.  Last Sunday’s show left fans stunned as Bill found out what Sookie was, Jason lost Crystal, Sam nearly beat Crystal’s father to death, Franklin tried to kill Terra, Jason killed Franklin, Jessica still likes Hoyt, Eric gets closer to his revenge, and Russel destroyed everything The American Vampire League has worked for.  It was just another day in the beautiful town of Bon Temp, Louisiana.

TRUE BLOOD “I Smell a Rat” Airs This Sunday on HBO, THERE’S ONLY 3 EPISODES LEFT!!!

Fly Bill, FLY!!!

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