The Finale is Here: Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship Day 2 Recap

Day 2 of the World Championships, where thousands of fans are anxiously waiting to see what deck and country would be this year’s champion.

Matches happened everywhere, King of the Hill, Regional Qualifiers, Win-a-Mat, and even just on a bench or chair just like day 1, everyone participated in the spirit of dueling. Now everyone’s game was up another level to be on top.

Many of the events were shorter than Day 1 because the final 16 matches were taking place mid-afternoon, and since Day 1, we missed the preview for the Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie, Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie: Super Fusion! Bonds that Transcend Time in 3D, so it was one the first thing to do on my list. The Movie features all 3 main Yu-Gi-Oh! heroes, Yugi Mutou, Judai (Jaden) Yuki, and Yusei Fudo, taking on a new enemy named Paradox who has stolen many of the Dragons used in the series and turned them into Malefic monsters. The trailer showed off a battle sequence with Yugi, Judai and Yusei dueling paradox and the 3D really made the monsters and attacks pop out. The movie is scheduled to be released in Spring 2011 dubbed while the preview was subbed. This for sure is a movie I’ve been waiting to see.

After dueling, trading, and playing the console and PSP version of the games, time just flew by until finally it was time for the main event. The Final World Championship matches were about to happen.

The exciting quarter-final has begun and the match up is as follows:

Table 1
Kei Kuwano (Japan – Herald of Perfection) vs. Stefano Sluis (Netherlands – Infernity)

In this match up, due to the speed of set up for Infernity decks, and the fact that Kuwano has access to cards like Archlord Kristya, Kuwano had the upper hand in being able to counter anything Sluis can throw at him. As a result, Kuwano moves up to semi-final.

Table 2
Hideki Kawai (Japan – Frog Monarch) vs. Tae Woo Kim (South Korea – Blackwings)

Frogs doesn’t have enough speed to match that of the Blackwings, Tae Woo Kim moves up to semi from this table.

Table 3
Aaron Noel (Canada – Blackwings) vs. Vincent Paglia (USA – Blackwings)

Fairly even match up here, the match will depend upon who has the faster set up, and who can counter the other’s attack the best. Paglia moves up

Table 4
She Wei Hao (Taiwan – Frog Monarch) vs. Galileo De Obaldia (Panama – Frog OTK)

The Frog Monarch requires too much setup as compared to the Frog OTK deck.

Obaldia moves up to semi.


At the semi-final, we have Kuwano from Japan vs. Obaldia while Paglia plays another Blackwings on Blackwings against Kim.

Kei Kuwano (Japan – Herald of Perfection) vs. Galileo De Obaldia (Panama – Frog OTK)

Sadly Kuwano can not set up his defense fast enough against Obaldia, and lost and moved on to fight for third place.

At the other table:
Vincent Paglia (USA – Blackwings) vs. Tae Woo Kim (South Korea – Blackwings)

This is just like any other Blackwings vs. Blackwings; it’s all about setting up fast and being able to anticipate the opponent’s moves.

Last Match:

At the final, USA champion Paglia goes up against Panama Champion Obaldia. Paglia takes the round after Obaldia was the first to go, and almost used up his entire deck for all the tricks he could manage.

Between rounds, Obaldia decided to side in his Quickdraw Synchron and Fishborg Blaster. However, Paglia started the round with 2 D. D. Crow in his hand, and managed to stop Obaldia’s frog combo. In the end, Obaldia’s side deck choices paid off. He summoned Junk Destroyer using the Quickdraw Synchron he sided in, a Treeborn Frog, and a Dupe Frog which destroyed Paglia’s Blackwings and snatched victory.

The last match was probably the best yet, Paglia managed to stop the frog combo early and set up an almost impenetrable defense with Royal Oppression and Mask of Restrict. In the end, Obaldia managed to pull a cold wave, which stops the Royal Oppression from activating, and Synchro Summoned Black Rose Dragon to take out all of the cards that Paglia have. After the dramatic comeback, Obaldia managed to summon Light and Darkness Dragon to finish the game and win the World Championship title.

On the side, Kei Kuwano of Japan faced off against Tae Woo Kim from South Korea for third place. This was not the first time Kuwano had faced off against a Blackwings deck, and so it was familiar territory for him. In the end, Kuwano takes home third place.

So there you have it, frog OTK took this year’s WC 2010. Shortly after was the ceremonies where the top 4 in both World Championship 2010 in both the DS game and the Trading card game were recognized and given beautiful trophies with an exclusive card.

World Championship 2010 was over this year, and now new challengers and unknown duelists have a fire lit to achieve WC 2010 for next year. With so many new cards being released between now and then, it will guarantee next year will be just as exciting, if not more. So do you have the will to be on the top of the World?

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