‘Talk To Me Jack Epps Jr’: Top Gun Film/Game Writer Interview


Personal favorites (quotes) from the film or game? Can’t really tell you, Haha. But it is hard to say with all sincerity. I have not played the game long enough to find that out yet. (Like “TALK TO ME GOOSE!” or “TOWER THIS IS GHOST REQUESTING A FLY BY”)

When we were kids, the thought of being a fighter pilot was always running through our scabby-fun skin. From the earlier arcade games to bicycle rides mimicking dog fights, we had the fighter pilot blood. And once your older sisters, moms and dads saw Tom Cruise in Top Gun the movie, well that nailed the coffin shut. Unfortunately we grew up finding out that like the Tooth Fairy, Santa Claus, Tom Cruise & aspiring dreams, we must face the truth; we can’t believe and do everything we had been told.

Fortunately for most of us, we have lived our dreams and fantasies through games and films. And it brings us great pleasure to introduce Mr. Jack Epps Jr, writer of Top Gun and the upcoming PlayStation Network game. Among those achievements, he also was the writer of Anaconda, The Flintstones in Viva Las Vegas and a handful of other major movie and television series projects.

Enjoy these interview excerpts taken this morning of Mr. Jack Epps from Nerd Reactor and many of our colleagues from around the World.  Have fun & Enjoy!

Was it hard to get back into their (Maverick, Goose, Ice Man) heads?

Jack Epps Jr: Haha, that’s a good question. I did fly in an F16 and had the opportunity to meet real top guns. I DID screen write, haha, but I did recall a lot of what I had seen and done.

How does it compare to compose a story in what you have just said and how will this be done in game?

Limitations of games are cut scene sections, it is a little jaring, I assume they (the players) have a little sense of the back story and they already understand what is going on; relationship, story lines and what Top Gun is all about. It’s one thing to write a movie, but in a game, the player gets to have a lot of fun and that directly correlates to the success of the product because the gamer is the box office, movie goer, and reviewer. To keep with the momentum of the game, cut scenes will happen in the beginning and end of each missions.

Was cost or publishing rights an issue when dealing with big names, such as Tom Cruise?

Not at all. The movie studio and game studio (Paramount) own the writes to Top Gun which include character styles. However voice overs are a different thing!

Was it in anyone’s interest to perhaps get a different gaming publisher company to produce this game?

In the industry, collaboration is very important. I felt that this could not have been done without them (Paramount). They knew the direction that we wanted to go and they had already been through many versions of a Top Gun game in the past decade so it was really a no issue type of deal.

Is this the source of many game scripts to come?

Oh yeah, I love it. I think it adds to the genre and also it is a kick to do. Coming from writing Top Gun and Anaconda, hard to say in the same mouth full, HAHA, but in Anaconda all the CGI was done before we went in to write a script for the actors and added a story to fullfill the project. So in the gaming world I feel like it is the same. When a writer comes into a game there is a sort of space in between. It is not so much similar to film, but it is in a constricted space so that is a challenge. In a video game you have to write around all the gaming CGI. I think it is fun and I would want to do more. I like visuals and big world things.

Finally, will we ever see an Anaconda game?

Hahahah, I would like to do that. It would be fun. It was fun to see how tight we could squeeze somebody.

Well that was about it for the busy Jack Epps Jr. You can purchase the game through the PlayStation Network starting tomorrow August 17th, 2010 at midnight! http://us.playstation.com/games-and-media/games/top-gun-ps3.html

Also right now (5:00PM P.S.T), If you are lucky and reading NerdReactor.com, log onto your PlayStation Home and find a chance to chat with Jack Epps Jr. and ask your very own question; like how Jennifer Lopez looked in person in the amazon! Come back and let us know what he said!


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