Jean-Claude Van Damme Feels Left Out as Expendables 2 Gets Green Light

Sly Stallone’s testosterone engulfed action film The Expendables has been killing at the box office.  Over the weekend the film reportedly took in $35 million despite mixed reviews.  Now that the film is a success one person feels left out, Jean-Claude Van Damme.  During the production of the film it was reported Sly had approached Van Damme to join the cast.  In a interview for JCVD Van Damme recalls his conversation with Sly that ended up in Stallone hanging up on him.


During a recent interview with Showbiz 411 at the premiere of The Expendables, Sly has reportedly talked to Van Damme since and says that he regrets not being in the film.  Well Jean Claude just might get another chance because it is being reported that there is already work beginning on The Expendables 2.  No word yet on who will be coming back or what new actors will be added to the cast, but internet forums have been going crazy over which of their favorite action stars they would like to see in the next film.

Me, I wanna see Chow Yun Fat. Who would you like to see in Expendables 2?

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