Jersey Shore BETA Review: Fist Pumping, Spray Tanning, and Leveling Up

Now you too can live large like the cast members of the Jersey Shore, free from hangovers and felonies. Over at Jersey Shore’s Official Facebook page, a new online video game has surfaced. Now you’re probably thinking what I was thinking, what the hell could possibly be in a Jersey Shore Video Game? What I found was surprisingly entertaining and actually kind of fun.

The game doesn’t say who the developer is, maybe they were to embarassed to put their name on it? But if you’ve played Farmville or Mafia Wars? This has Zynga all over it. In the game you create your own Guido or Guidette. Your are given variety of choices of douche bag and stripper clothing.  I was shocked that I did not find any Affliction or TAPOUT brands. The bases of the game is to level up your character to knockout other created characters on the Boardwalk of the Jersey Shore. You level up by completing Jobs. Jobs consist of GTL: Gym, Tan, Laundry. Apparently you can get money doing this? I must be doing it wrong because when I do it I usually end up paying money. Jobs give you more XP and Coins so you can buy your character more Clothes or Moves.

Moves are items that you can use during fights. The animation sequences for Moves are over the top and hilarious. One of my favorite Moves is Beat Up The Beat, Pauly D appears on screen with a full Dj setup to assist you in fist pumping. Majority of the Moves are inspired by stuff seen on the show. I couldn’t stop laughing at Moves like Snooki’s Boyfriend and Snooki’s Cartwheel.

I was pleasantly surprised by this game.  It doesn’t take itself too seriously and it is not above making fun of the show.  Since it’s a flash game I didn’t expect there to be any major improvements but other than there being more jobs and an option to buy more stamina with a credit/debit card.  Jersey Shore is a nice game that you don’t have to deluge a lot of your time to like Farmville and Mafia Wars.  It’s good for a laugh and you can just jump in anytime you want.

Grade: A

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