New Deus Ex 3 Gameplay Trailer – What Can We Learn From It?

Here’s a brand-new trailer from Gamescon in Germany for Deus Ex: Human Revolution.  I wonder though, just how much of it is actual gameplay?  For example, the main character is seen doing melee attacks and kills, but is that some easy context-sensitive move (go up to enemies secretly and then press X.  Congratulations on that skillful kill), or an in-game cut-scene?  What about when he punches through the wall to break that guy’s neck?  Do you just see through the wall, go up to the guy leaning against the wall, and press a button?  I’m not a fan of automated video games, so I hope this isn’t the case.

The trailer also reveals that the character has a roll maneuver, temporary invisibility, is able to move from cover to cover, and even has a ground-slam move that knocks away anything in close proximity.  Those are a lot of moves at his disposal.  In the first game you had to use various points and items to upgrade your character, so I’m very curious to see how they implement the skill tree.  This trailer gives us a lot of little bits of information, but I’d soon like to see a trailer that shows less spliced footage.  This Deus Ex fan is still hoping this game is going to be awesome.


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