WEEZER’s Next Album is Named After “LOST” Character ‘Hurley’

Who would have guess that the band from the “Island in the Sun” were also fans of another island, the island of LOSTWEEZER has just announced that the title of their 8th album will be HURLEY, named after LOST character Hugo Reyes, played by Jorge Garcia.  Now normally just naming a CD after someone would be enough but oh no, the band has gone as far as plastering Jorge’s face on the cover.

Apparently this all started when Jorge did a guess spot on the George Lopez Show.  While waiting in the green he heard someone knocking on the door and it was WEEZER frontman Rivers Cuomo. Naturally, a fan of the show he wanted to take a picture with the man that was Hugo Reyes.  They talked briefly but not major was said about the album.  A few months later Jorge gets a call from Cuomo that he wants to put him on the cover of the album.  He said sure, but had no idea that he would use the exact same picture they took at backstage at the George Lopez Show.  Pretty weird huh? When ask about being put on the cover of the album Jorge replied:

“This is really close to the top, for sure, I think the [‘Lost’] action figure still kind of trumps it, but just coming from where I come from, it’s extremely special and dear to my heart that this is actually happening.”- MTV.com

Yeah, its kind of weird but it’s the same kind of weird you would expect from WEEZER.

HURLEY hits stores September 14

Here’s a cover that I made that’s far less creepy:

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