New TERA Online Artworks Plus History Background Details

Gamesom, a video game convention in Germany that has already beaten Comic-Con in terms of attendance, is coming, and new lovely artworks and some juicy history for the world of Arborea for TERA Online have been revealed. TERA Online is an action MMO coming out next year for the PC that promises true action gameplay for MMO. So check out the artwork gallery and history below.

“In the beginning, there were two ancient gods. After spending thousands of years in a realm of eternal war, Shara and Arun fled a universe of endless battles. After hiding their weapons in a secret temple, they entered a deep sleep. As they slept, they began to dream – dreaming a new universe into existence.

Their resting flesh turned to stone over centuries and created the continents. To populate this new world, Arun and Shara dreamed a generation of gods, who in turn created mortal races.

But soon, greed and power struggles amongst these new gods caused the doom of this idyllic world. The so-called “Divine War” tore the world apart and resulted in a total disappearance of most gods. The few survivors were trapped in heavenly exile or hiding to heal their wounds. The mortal races were now free to act on their own, to prosper and to develop complex civilizations over centuries.

But a new evil has appeared, willing to bend them under its will, like the older gods used to do. The Argons, a race coming from the subterranean world started to wreak havoc on the territories of the different races. Their only goal now seems to be the utter domination of the surface world.

The Argons first attacks were so strong that none of the surface dwellers were able to repel them. Therefore the Humans decided to forge an alliance named the “Valkyon Federation” with the Castanics, the Amani, the Poporis, the Barakas and the High Elves, the main factions of the world. This coalition was created with the goal of preventing the Argons from conquering the civilized races of the surface world.”

I’m going to assume that now is not a good time to be in the Federation in Arborea because tension between the different groups of the federation are rising while the Argons are slowly gaining momentum. Plus, the gods of Arborea’s ancient days are emerging and trying to gain power again. Some people never change.

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