New Knights Contract Screenshots

Knights Contract is an upcoming title from Namco Bandai and I must say, its looking great. The game is co-op based with two main characters to choose from. The characters are quite different from each other as one is Heinrich Hofmann, a sword wielder and the other is Gretchen, who uses magic. In order to survive though, both characters have to rely on each other.

The setting of the game takes place during the Middle Ages in a fictional European setting. A lot of dark fantasy is involved in the game, which includes monsters, sorcery and witchcraft. Now with witchcraft entails the use of witch hunters and executioners.  The story follows Heinrich, who is a veteran witch executioner, that has been cursed. Gretchen is a witch that has been reincarnated from a witch that Heinrich had formerly executed. Gretchen then places the curse of immortality upon Heinrich for what he did.

At the same time this is going on, the world as they know it is being ravaged by hordes of creatures and monsters. Gretchen decides to take on the onslaught of beasts as they pose a threat to her living out her life that was once cut short by Heinrich. Heinrich joins her as more of a protector in hopes that Gretchen will lift the curse.

The game looks solid so far and I’m definitely interested in seeing some gameplay soon. As of right now, the game is slated for release on the Xbox and PS3 next year.

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