London Bridge Is Falling Down With Movie Con III

All that is Empire (records, film, magazine, interwebs) and BFI (British Film Institute) are doing it again to bring back Movie Con III. This three day convention at Southbank, London brings all things movie related under one roof to exploit top secret projects, expand upcoming films, and bring the latest and greatest to the foreground. Read on to see how our boys across the sea are doing things right following San Diego Comic Con.

Friday, Opening Night (Tomorrow)

“Transforming the main foyer into a multi-sensory space, BFI Southbank’s regular AV club night returns for a Movie-Con special. Taking the Future Human season as a theme, we present a double bill of sci-fi remixes. We welcome extraordinary audiovisual explorer Zan Lyons who will be performing a live rendition of his electrifying Blade Runner remix, and Oli Sorenson and Dan Tait return to Dark Fibre with their own electronic homage to George Lucas’s dystopian THX 1138. With support from Shokku, a circuit- bending live AV collaboration between Wrong Music’s Hannah Drayson and Ben Hudson.”

Wish we could bring you some NerdReactor footage and interviews but maybe next year with the support of you, our loyal NERD FANS!

Oh and, Maybe…Come on!!! Dream a little!

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