Bioshock Infinite Revealed

Irrational Games and 2K Games have just announced their newest upcoming title, Bioshock Infinite. The game will be a first person shooter following suit with the previous Bioshock releases. It is set in the year 1912 in an enourmous city in the sky called Columbia.

The floating city is supposed to represent American ideals in a time where the U.S. was developing themselves as a major world power. The city of Columbia was showcased to foreign nations as a sign of American power. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the endeavor and the city disappeared into the clouds with an unknown location.

Players will take on the role of Booker DeWitt, who is a former Pinkerton agent that is tasked in finding a girl named Elizabeth. Apparently she has been held captive on Columbia since she was a child. Throughout their trials and tribulations in the city, a budding relationship forms between the two. DeWitt also gains the ability of not only enhancing his own powers, but also pairing his abilities with Elizabeth’s in an effort to escape the city. As that is going on, the city itself is falling from the sky.

In the game, DeWitt will fight enemies in high speed Sky-Line battles, engage in close quarters combat indoors as well as outdoors among the clouds and make use of various weapons and abilities. The game is set for release on PS3, Xbox and PC in 2012. Check out these gorgeous screenshots and debut trailer below.

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