Welcome to 2006 Brazil: The PS3 is Finally Here!

It’s been a long time in the making, but the Playstation 3 has finally come to Brazil after around 4 years of its release worldwide. If this doesn’t get you Brazilians all excited, then you’re going to love the pricing for this “new” console. It’s going to cost you just a measly $1,130.

Here’s another tidbit, Anderson Gracias, division manager of Sony PlayStation Brazil, said that originally the PS3 was going to be $1,408. That’s almost the savings of one PS3 here in the states.

But you guys should be happy, since it only took 9 months for you guys to get a new next-gen console after the PS2 was released. You see, the rest of the world had to wait 6 years after the PS2 to get their hands on the PS3, so consider yourselves lucky.

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