Live-Action Fairly Odd Parents?

When did this happen, and where was I?! Well apparently Nickelodeon has been working on the live-action adaptation for a straight-to-TV movie.  No doubt fans still haven’t been able to wash out that horrible aftertaste of The Last Airbender.  So maybe Nickelodeon thought it would be a better idea just to go straight to TV.  The film stars Jason Alexander as Cosmo and Cheryl Hines as Wanda?! Apparently the original voice actors are also in the movie, so I have no idea how that is going work out.

The movie is called Grow Up Timmy Turner. The film centers around now 23 year old Timmy Turner played by Drake Bell.  Timmy still lives at home, still wears that stupid pink hat, and is still in the 5th grade. Timmy refuses to grow up because according to “Da Rules” godchildren lose their godparents once they grow up.  But when old flame Tootie rolls back into Dimsdale all grown up, Timmy begins to have very adult feelings for the girl he once hated.

I’m liking the story, as it has all the little silly nuances that made The Fairly Odd Parents great, but Timmy being 23 is a little weird though.  I love that all the girls that Timmy use to despise are now all hot.  Isn’t that how it always works.  You can check out Timmy’s hot co-stars below.

The Fairly Odd Parents Movie: Grow Up Timmy Turner is expected to air sometime in 2011

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