::UPDATED:: Shoot Some Gangsters: Mafia 2 Demo Now On PSN, Live, and Steam

With all of the success of Grand Theft Auto, you’d think that the makers of Mafia would keep up with the franchise.  The original Mafia came out in 2002 and we’re only now getting the demo to the sequel. Despite the driving sections not being as fun compared to GTA, I enjoyed the original quite a bit. The gun-play was well beyond it and more similar to Max Payne.  The demo isn’t up at the moment, but should be available sometime today.  I’ll update with my impressions as soon as I can.  The final game will be out August 24th.


Based upon my play-time with the demo, this game’s gun-play is more fun than GTAIV’s, but the over-world isn’t quite as interactive or interesting.  I tried aiming at people in cars, and they just sat there, while in GTAIV, they would have been scared, moving their head to dodge bullets, and finally running scared. I shot at people in their cars, and I didn’t seem to get any crowd reactions; it’s like the people in the area didn’t realize there was a psychotic gun-wielder in their midst.  Well, aside from the over-world not being quite up to GTAIV’s level, the game was still fun, but also felt like it wasn’t really anything new.  I’d say that if you want a GTAIV game, but with a 1950’s gangster theme, you’re going to enjoy it.

The strangest thing I encountered in the Mafia 2 demo was a Playboy magazine.  Apparently there are 50 total to collect (5 in the demo); so if the actual gameplay doesn’t string you along to the end, perhaps the in-game pornography pictures will.

This trailer, courtesy of Game Trailers,  is full of action and really reminds me of Goodfellas:

Even for those of you who think this will be just like GTAIV, but with a new coat of paint; really?  Can you really resist playing the demo after seeing these screenshots?

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