Batman: Arkham City Story and Gameplay Details

In the upcoming Game Informer magazine, new details will be revealed in regards to Arkham City’s story and gameplay. According to Game Informer, here is how the story goes:

Arkham Asylum’s warden,¬†Quincy Sharp, is running for mayor of Gotham. More than likely this move would be to try and make the city safer and gain voter popularity. Quincy then buys part of the slums of Gotham and closes it off. In doing that, it creates Arkham City. Another reason the walls of Arkham Asylum were expanded, was because the facility, including Black Gate Prison, were considered no longer fit to house inmates. As a result, the inmates and gangs are now rummaging through the streets of Arkham City.

Hugo Strange then takes it upon himself to gain control of his new living space.At the same time, Two-Face is also wanting to take control of city. He plans on executing Catwoman to gain the inmates’ respect. The last supervillain in the city is The Joker, who is deathly sick and it may not be the overdose of Bane’s venom that has him that way.

In the gameplay department, all of the original gadgets from Arkham Asylum returns and is available at the start of the game. One of the new toys you get is a smoke bomb gadget although not much is said on the functionality. Another new feature being added is the ability to counter two attacks at the same time. While players roam through the city, you can expect more side missions and puzzles than compared to Arkham Asylum. Riddler challenges are a bit more difficult than before, as you need to find people that work for Riddler to complete the challenges.

The game is shaping up to blow the original out of the water and I can’t wait to play it!

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