“I see trees of green…” And a Green Lantern Game TOO!

LA Times reported that in much anticipation with the movie Green Lantern the Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment company  (WBIE) will coincide production of the video game installment.  This is the same company that brought us the awesomeness of Arkham Asylum game earlier in the year. So if they can keep the track record going, even with one title proceeding it, Green Lantern video game edition can be a great play from start to finish.

Here is a quote of the article in LA Times.


“On the game side there will be more following Green Lantern that we hope to directly be impacting creatively and otherwise,” she said.

Among the “we” Nelson referred to was DC Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns and co-publisher Jim Lee, a writer and artist well known to comic book fans who have been consulting on upcoming games.

“Geoff and Jim have been completely embraced by the team at WBIE,” she said.

Warner Interactive recently founded a game production studio in Montreal that’s expected to focus in large part on games with DC characters.

Green Lantern will be a movie tie-in, but Nelson said that other games in development won’t be. She and her colleagues at the recently restructured DC are hoping to use video games to introduce their comic book super heroes to new and larger audiences.

As an example, she pointed to last year’s Arkham Asylum, a commercial and critical hit in gaming sector that had nothing to do with 2008’s “The Dark Knight” but was, in many fans’ eyes, the best ever use of Batman or any superhero in a video game.

Of course their greatest test, as fans of video games and superheroes can attest, will be whether they can finally make a good Superman game.

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