Win a Stan Lee Signed Spider-Man Poster Worth $300

Nerd Reactor will soon have a new face and we are going to introduce him in a grand way that our readers can actively partake in, with a SCAVENGER HUNT CONTEST!  Is it a chicken? Is it a duck-billed platypus?  You can get a sneak preview if you can find him hidden somewhere on  If you can somehow manage to find him, click on him and he will take you to a SECRET PAGE.  From there, follow the instructions on the SECRET PAGE and you will be one of the few that will be entered in a raffle to win some great prizes.  The contest ends on midnight the night of Friday August 20, so get your spectacles because the search is ON!

There will be 2 unbelievable raffle prizes (price ranging from $150 to $300 based on Ebay):

1.) Stan Lee signed custom-framed poster of Alex Ross’s rendition of Amazing Fantasy #15 (model not included).

2.) Stan Lee signed comic of Spider-Man #600 with Alex Ross cover.

Happy hunting!

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