Resident Artist Brant Rotramel Interview Spills His Nerd Mojo All Over Us!

Nerd Reactor’s colleague Brant Rotramel was kind enough to sit down with us and spill his Nerd Mojo all over! Needless to say we were very excited.  Brant is a 26 year old who breathes, eats, and sleeps art. His relentless ambition to become the best has made him stand out from his peers. We are always pleased to showcase some talent and with that, enjoy!

Don’t ever think you can’t do it.

Brant Rotramel

Nerd Reactor:  What influenced you to become an artist?

Brant Rotramel: I hate that question! (clears throat)

We’ll at a young age I was always drawing and coloring, so my parents encouraged it. Over time I got into cartoons and video games, and couldn’t stop copying everything from comic books to nintendo strategy guides. In Jr. High I got my first few comic books; one of the first being Uncanny X-Men, cover by Jim Lee, his art really made an impact on me.

Reference mentioned- Jim Lee Artwork

So I started collecting comics after that, and took more art classes in highschool, on through college, and I haven’t stopped drawing since! And I have to keep drawing because there are a ton of great artists out there that are WAY better than I am! Now I have to draw (getting paid)  because college was so expensive, it’s the only way I’ll ever make a name for myself! lol

We can understand the fact that you are trying to keep up; not letting time pass you by or the times will leave you in the dust.

Yeah, if you don’t stay up with the competition, you’ll fall behind everyone else! One of my idols Jack Kirby, used to draw upwards of 4 complete comic pages a day for 10 years!

Reference mentioned – Jack Kirby Artwork

I figure if I can be half the Artist he was, I’ll be in good shape. You just really have to love what you do, and try to have fun with it. It took me 15 years to learn how to draw, and I’ve been spending the last few years trying to refine my craft and build my confidence in shape, light, color, etc

What would be one of your dream jobs?

One of my dream jobs would be to work for Marvel studios. At the rate they are developing films about some of my favorite characters, and 3D being my choosen craft, I would love to help bring some of my favorite characters to life for everyone to enjoy

Any specific character you would draw above all others?

Definitely have to say Spider-Man is my favorite but Sony has the rights to that. If I had to pick second, I would say the Avengers! Working on that flick would be AMAZING!

Brant Rotramel Original Artwork – Spidy2

Brant Rotramel Original Artwork – Spidy3

I notice you dabble in different type of media, 3D, sketch, etc. Are paper cartoons being outdated or is the classic still going to go strong in the future.?

I believe you are referring specifically to Animation? (YES!) 3D Animation is my area of specificity, and though 2D animation isn’t dead in the water, the audience is what dictates what sells. Traditional 2D animation still, and will always have its place, but nobody does it like Disney or Hannah Barbera (Bill Hanna & Joe Barbera) does anymore.

Recent 2D Disney Production – Princess and the Frog

Reference mentioned – ‘Hanna-Barbera’

3D is in, it’s everywhere! 3D animation is the new standard, it’s cheaper to produce, you can save your work, and you can always reuse any of your 3d work or characters again and again. It’s the future and it’s hear to stay. A lot of the great last 2D masters are still around, like Genndy Tartovsky, or Hayo Miyazaki…it’s just a small specialized niche; it’s no longer a booming business.

So you are an artist that draw comics. Is it safe to call you a nerd?

Yeah Definitely! (PHEW!) I’m in production on a comic as we speak actually. It’s been in the gears for about 4 or 5 years, and is finally seeing the light of day. My colleagues and I have already started to plan out individual pages, and are trying to wrap our story together! It’s a long process in the making, but it’s going to be something the likes of which nobody has ever seen! My favorite book, is the Dungeon Masters Guide. It’s like my Nerd badge of Honor! HAHA, if you want to get technical, I have a Boulder Badge that I won at a Pokemon card Tournament about 8 years ago. Hows that for Nerdy.

That sounds awesomely nerdy! We definatley know how long it can take to have things clobarated together or when a thorn surfaces and needs weeding out! Have you had the opportunity to work with anyone well known in the industry or study from?

Yes I have! I was extremely lucky in my time learning at the Art Institute of Los Angeles back in 2005. When I was first learning how to story board I got to learn from Kevin Altieri. He is best known for his work Directing episodes from Batman the Animated Series and Striperella. He also worked on the Pearl Jam Video, Do the Evolution.

Reference mentioned – Kevin Altieri Batman Animated Series


I also learned how to Animate from Dr.Norland Tellez, he worked for Disney, and Bill Recinos, who got to work on a ton of stuff, like Brother Bear, The Prince of Egypt, even Ghostbusters. Probably unknown to a lot of people those three names, but they had a real big positive influence on me, and I know you watched Batman the Animated series! (YES WE DID!!!)

Besides drawing what other nerdy things do you like to do?

I am an Avid Gamer, D&D player, documentary buff, and TED talk listener. I’m also an amature astronomer. I’m also extremely fascinated by Physics, Cosmology, Art History and Philosophy

That is a wide range of nerd matter you have taking us, Hahaha.

Its the only way to live; gotta love the interwebs too!!!

The interweb is amazing. FTW! By the way, Inception…Asleep or awake??

I couldn’t wait to go to sleep after I saw Inception. It was just a great film all around. Directed well, written well, acted well, scored well. Exactly what I want to see when I go to the movies! It made it worth the 20 bucks I spent on soda and candy!

Our readers thought the same as well. They also want to know, would you ever consider a colab with Nerd Reactor in the Future?

Oh yeah no doubt, I’m always looking to expand my horizons!

Ah! We all will wait for the day that happens with smiles and mojo all over the place!! Once last thing, what movie you excited for in the future?

TRN2 (Tron: Legacy)

So are we my friend! Well thanks so much for taking the time to answer some questions. We will keep in touch and let us know of your upcoming artwork!

Not a problem. Thank you guys!

If you would like to find out more about Brant and his work, please visit

Brant Rotramel -3D Tron-esque Art

Brant Rotramel – Freddy Mercury Tribute

Brant Rotramel – HUNKER

Brant Rotramel – HULK

Brant Rotramel – Jedi Master Ka-Arrid

Brant Rotramel – Iron Man Full Color

Brant Rotramel – Joker

Brant Rotramel – Master Chief

Brant Rotramel – Ninja Kid

Brant Rotramel – Tigger

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