Update: Go for Broke! Street Fighter Male Enchanment Pills

Update: You can now purchase “STREE OVERLORD’ Capsules on Amazon!

Awhile back I did an article on Nintendo Theme Gameboy Condoms that was created for fun by a college student. Looks like our friends overseas think there is a legitimate market in nerds but not for condoms, for Male Enhancement Pills. I present to you, Street Fighter Male Enhancement Pills! And yes, you can purchase them. The cover on the pack explicitly shows Ryu going to town on Chun-li, I mean really explicit! Like I’ve never seen Ryu’s balls, but now I have or at least an artist’s interpretation of Ryu’s balls.

Like most things in Asia, I’m pretty sure this isn’t officially licensed. Especially with the name being “STREE OVERLORD?” Most of the flags that appear on the cover are not associated with any characters in the game, so I’m guessing this was made in China. If I was Capcom I would be all over this and sue somebody’s ass. Really? Street Fighter Male Enhancement Pills and do people really buy them?  At least come up with something cleaver like Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyan Male Supplement.

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