Get NBA Jam Free with NBA Elite 11

EA has just announced today that NBA Jam will be included with NBA Elite 11 as a free downloadable. You’ll get a one-time code to download the game as you get to play 3 modes: Play Now, Classic Campaign, and online.

“NBA ELITE 11 is going to change the way basketball videogames are played,” says Jordan Edelstein, Vice President, Marketing, EA SPORTS, “The addition of three free downloadable modes of the award winning NBA JAM is an unprecedented value add to a product that is already set to revolutionize the basketball videogame category”

Sounds like a good deal. The completely overhauled gameplay that they are calling “Hands-On Control” that allows gamers to fully control the characters and will make this game even more elite. The coolest feature would have to be that skill will factor into shooting the ball instead of luck (like using the AI to determine if the ball goes in).

NBA Elite 11 with NBA Jam will be available on October 5, 2010 for the Xbox 360 and PS3.

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