$100 Dollar Hello Kitty Water?!

Got about $500 bucks just laying around? Well give it to me; if not, you can buy yourself some pretty fancy schmancy water. The makers of Hello Kitty have recently plastered their lovable character’s face on bottles of water and are charging $100 dollars a pop. Now for $500 you can buy all 5, or you could just buy them one by one, either way, you save no money at all by buying the set. This is not the first time Hello Kitty’s face has appeared on bottles of water.

You can find fairly decent priced Hello Kitty water in various Asian markets. So what makes these other ones so special and damn expensive? Well apparently they’re Luxury Water and the five colors represent different themes: Red (friendship), Pink (cute), Yellow (heartful), Green (wish) and Lavender (sweet). So they’re not even flavored? For 100 bucks a bottle there had better be liquid crack inside! Are they at least crystal studded? I’ve been searching all over the internet to find out more about the bottles and so far I’ve found nothing.

You know that for 5 bucks you can buy a damn good bottle of water, drop a packet of Crystal Light in there, bedazzle the hell out of it and it would probably taste better than one of these. Well that, or you can just buy a Hello Kitty Water Dispenser at the risk of it looking like Hello Kitty is pissing in your drinking water.

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