Konami’s DDR Dance Launch Party

Before Guitar Hero/Rockband/DJ Hero were even developed, one of the most popular companies for music simulation games was Konami and their Bemani development team. One of the more popular games during the mid 90’s/mid 2000’s was Dance Dance Revolution, the arcade and console hit where you dance by yourself or even with a friend on your dance pad.

For years the game has gone through upgrades and changes starting with the First Dance Dance Revolution to DDR Max, and even Universe. Originally, the game mostly featured Japanese songs from DJ’s and singers such as Captain Jack, Smile.dk,, Naoki and even more. Eventually the game added American-made music to your dancing feet.

The game hasn’t been in the limelight for years, but has appeared on Playstation 2, Xbox and even the Wii and Xbox 360. But now, it will make its way to the Playstation 3.

To promote the title, Konami has announced on their Facebook page that they will be having a launch party August 12th in LA. Check out Konami’s facebook page for more information on the event.

Yes, DanceDanceRevolution fans, it’s true—we’re bringing DDR to the PS3! And we’re bringing YOU to the launch party. Thursday evening, August 12, in LA. Join us in person, on Twitter, or on Facebook for exclusive, interactive, fan-friendly, multiplayer Music & Motion fun. Stay tuned for more exciting details.


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