Couple of interesting new posters for BATTLE: LOS ANGELES have popped up on the radar.  They appear to show history events of UFO sightings leading up to the big showdown in the film.  The posters hint at the movie’s viral marketing website  We’ll have more on that later.  I don’t know what it is about this movie but it’s peaked my interest, and I haven’t even seen anything really!  I guess I’m a sucker for alien movies.

Director Jonathan Liebesman said that the difference between this movie and other “alien attack movies,” is that “this one is from the perspective of one Marine platoon. So it’s more like BLACK HAWK DOWN with aliens.” Sounds cool to me.  I have to say as a fan of alien movies, my favorite part of Cloverfield was when the main characters got caught up in between the huge firefight between the monster and the marines.  So a whole movie like that would be awesome!

Check Out The Posters Below. BATTLE: LOS ANGELES Hits Theaters February 11, 2011:

So is this what we can expect from BATTLE: LOS ANGELES?


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