Ghost Recon Alpha Teaser Trailer

The Ghost Recon series will be hitting their 10 year benchmark next year, so Ubisoft decided to create a 20 minute live-action short film set to release prior to their upcoming title, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Oscar winning director, Francois Alaux, will be at the helm for the film. He is best known and won an award for his animated short entitled “Logorama.” Also assisting will be technical advisor Harry Humphries and cinematographer Trent Opaloch. Humphries is a retired Navy Seal who has worked frequently with Michael Bay on most of his films. Trent is most noted for his work as director of photography on District 9 as well as the cinematography on the two Halo live-action shorts, “Arms Race” and “Landfall.”

It seems that Ubisoft has gathered a fairly good team to tackle the daunting task and judging by the trailer alone, it looks to be good. To me, the production value looks high and the film will definitely appeal to the audience of the Michael Bay “Explosions!” action genre. Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is set to hit store shelves in early 2011. Check out and enjoy the Apha and Future Soldier live-action trailers below:



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