First Anime-Inspired Pre-Paid Debit Cards Announced

Are you a big fan of anime? Do you have a Credit Card or a Debit Card? Funimation has announced it has partnered up with Plastyc Inc. to create five special anime-themed prepaid Visa Debit Cards for your everyday use. The goal is being able to get your favorite anime/characters on your very own card.

You can go to to check it out.

Other companies have done something similar before Funimation such as Capcom, but this is a first for anime.

The 5 cards you can choose from are:

*Afro Samurai

*Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles

*Soul from Soul Eater

*Sargent Frog

*Fruits Baskets

“The Upside VISA Prepaid Card is a great alternative to credit,” said Adam Zehner, Director of Acquisitions and Licensing at FUNimation Entertainment. “There is no worry about a credit card bill at the end of the month because you will only be able to spend what is pre-loaded on your card. Plus, you can manage your account and its balance online. An anime branded prepaid card allows you to be cool while fiscally responsible.”

The cards will be available in August and you can sign up now and wait a few days till more information is emailed to you.

Now for the possible downside of this…..

Like I said, the idea was done before by Capcom and that was pretty much a nasty nightmare, there was a fee for getting the card ($9.95), maintaining the card ($4.95), added fees for usage, money withdrawal, and a dormant fee for not using it. Also, there’s a “Well I’m not using it anymore so I would like to stop using it fee” (another $9.95) to make it like around $20 just to keep it.

Normally if this was just your basic pre-paid card it would be a one time fee, but since all the money is loaded via Green Dot, online and even linked to a bank account, I can pretty much guess this might be painful even if you just want to have one to show your Otaku pride.

Let’s hope they prove everyone wrong, I wouldn’t mind a Soul Eater card to use to buy things on my PS3 or 360. Heck, I’ll even go down to my Best Buy to buy some anime.

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