Medal of Honor BETA Impressions: Mixing ‘Modern Warfare’ with ‘Bad Company’

Modern Warfare 2: good. Bad Company 2: good. Modern Warfare 2 mixed with Bad Company, surprisingly not that good. I recently got my hands on the new Medal of Honor BETA and couldn’t help but noticed that game seems like a mash-up of the two. Which is funny since the game was developed by DICE(Bad Company 2). The Medal of Honor franchise has been on a downward slide with their recent titles. It really saddens me because I remember playing the first Medal of Honor on the PS1. The A.I. that could never see my damn passport, “May I see your papers please?,” good times. Now EA is trying to breathe new life into the series, hoping to recapture some of that old glory that once made it great.

The game hasn’t changed much since I played it at this years E3. You get 3 classes to choose from, standard assault class, specialist class and a sniper class. Like any FPS, the more you gain more exp points, the more you rank up and unlock upgrades for weapons and attachments. Most of the maps are generic, like something you’ve already played in MW2 or BC2. The BETA features two online modes, Team Assault and Mission. Team Assault is your standard Team Deathmatch and Mission will easily remind Bad Company 2 players of Rush Mode. I hate the Mission mode because it seems like when you play as the defenders, it’s nearly impossible to win. It differs greatly from BC2, because in BC2 there was something worth defending.  In MOH, you are usually  protecting a road block or some tiny rundown shack. There was one match were I literally spent half an hour defending this shack and didn’t feel like it would ever end.

If you loved destructible environments from the previous Bad Company titles, prepare to be underwhelmed. There are “semi-destructible environments” in Medal of Honor. I once shot an objective shack in Mission Mode a good 10 times but the shack was still standing. I don’t know what those insurgence make those shacks out of but it’s damn resilient. Stay strong little bricks! The semi-destructible environments can also cause problems for vehicles. While I was trudging up this hill in my tank, I was thwarted by a riggedy white picket fence. Damn you picket fence! The physics in the BETA, in general, are pretty whack. Grenade launchers are far less effective than normal. Hey, I hate noob-tubers as much as the next guy, but if I shoot a grenade into a room and there is somebody in that room, he should be dead. It’s a grenade, not a Nerf ball. Also, another side note on the physics, in taking a page out of Modern Warfare, you can now see your body go limp as you are shot dead. The rag doll physics for this are not as nearly as fun to watch as it is in MW2.  You just kinda fall over and usually end up in weird poses.

In addition to the things I’ve already listed, one of the more important things is the gunplay. There is really no feeling behind shooting someone, and I say that whole-heartedly. Most of the time if you’re near to an enemy/opponent, you could empty an entire clip and not know if you hit the person in your Crosshairs. It also doesn’t help that there is also a delayed reaction. I shot guy with a sniper rifle and he was able to strafe behind the wall he was next too, which made me think I didn’t hit him, but then it popped up that I got a headshot on the guy. Huh? So I shot him in the head but somehow he had enough time to walk behind the wall to die?

In the end, this is still the BETA, but I can’t see there being some crazy improvement in the final product.  Since I never got a chance to play anything out of the single player campaign, I can’t really say anything about it.  If you’re a person that is huge into Multiplayer and already own Modern Warfare 2 and Bad Company 2, you’re not missing much. My suggestion would be to either buy the MW or BC map packs or check out Black Light Tango Down for 15 bucks. Tons of maps, over 100 weapon customizations and for 15 bucks, you can’t beat that price.

Medal of Honor is excepted to hit store shelves sometime this October.

Black Light Tango Down is currently available on XBox Live.

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