Lost in Shadow First Look

Lost in Shadow is the newest platform puzzle game from Japanese developer/publisher, Hudson Soft, due out next year on the Wii. The basis of the game is that you assume control of a silhouette/shadow of a boy and must travel through a series of platforms and environments by using the shadows that they and other objects in the world cast. The shadow’s are the only “objects” that you can interact with and use to progress. For example,in order for a player to interact/use a physical button or lever, you have to interact with its shadow.

Seems easy enough, but to add a twist, the world will also have moving light sources, which means that as a light source moves, so does its platform/shadow along with its gravity factored in. This should definitely make things a lot more interesting. What’s also interesting is that as the story progresses, your character can eventually gain the ability of becoming a light being. Changing into this light creature gives you a more physical presence in the world that allows you to do things you couldn’t as a shadow, like helping to solve puzzles.

The game’s chief designer Osamu Tsuchihashi had this to say about some of his inspiration for the game:

I was heading to work as usual when I passed by some kids playing in a park nearby my house. That’s when I stopped and pondered the many playground games I would have to teach my newborn baby. Just then, I remembered a game we used to play called Shadow Tag, where the goal was to step on the other kid’s shadow. There was one rule where we weren’t allowed to hide within another shadow. The grassy lot where this game was usually conducted was bordered with shadows made by the buildings where we lived. In a way, this game is a recreation of my childhood memories.

The game has already been released in Japan on the Wii, but has a U.S. release date of January 4th, 2011. I definitely look forward to this game. Check out the trailer and gameplay below.



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