Comic-Con 2010: Green Lantern Suit is Still a Work in Progress

This is probably the best news to come out of the Green Lantern’s Comic-Con Panel.  The suit that was featured earlier this month in Entertainment Weekly is not the final product that will appear in the film.  Director Martin Campbell confirmed that the costume is still not finished.  Which is why most of the footage that was shown at Comic-Con was not of Ryan Reynold in the Green Lantern Suit.  There has been a lot of backlash from fans that were not too happy about the design that was featured in the July issue.  I, myself, thought it looked pretty crappy.  Looks like your voices reached the producers and the one thing that people criticized did actually work in their favor.  It’s a lot easier to go in and change the digitally overlayed costume than it is to to re-shoot entire sequences with a physical one.

Green Lantern is scheduled to hit theaters June 17,2011.

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