Hawaii Five-0: “I got lei’d at Comic-Con 2010”

Another fan favorite from Comic-Con 2010 was the Hawaii Five-0 panel.  Fans of sci-fi series Battle Star Galactica were eager to see Grace Park who joined the cast of the Hawaii Five-O reboot.  Most people know her as Lt. Sharon “Boomer” Valerii from the BSG series.  In Hawaii Five-0 she will be playing the character Kona Kalakaua which was originally played by a male in the classic show.  Unlike the original male character, expect to see her sporting a bikini often.  Definitely a treat for the guy fans and enough to keep them watching the show for some time.

The Comic-Con panel featured a trailer for the new show and then a Q&A session answering various questions about the show’s theme song, filming in Hawaii, and of course Grace Park’s gender switched role.  Cards were handed out to panel attendees at the end of the panel to pick up a t-shirt that said “I got lei’d at Comic-Con 2010”.  Now there’s an awesome Comic-Con souvenir!  Check out Daemon’s TV for a panel synopsis and photos. Also check out the exclusive trailer below.


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