StarCraft II Midnight Launch Event Brings Giant Crowd and Country Music in Orange County, CA

It was a very unique event that Blizzard threw for the StarCraft II Midnight Launch Event at Fry’s Electronics in Fountain Valley, CA. Usually when video games would have midnight releases, gamers would just go to their preferred stores and wait in line until midnight to get their game. Blizzard decided to take it to another level by doing a whole big event. Let’s look at the recipe for how to throw a StarCraft II concert.

  • Giant stage with big screen and loudspeakers
  • Live country music
  • Tournaments
  • Q&A with the StarCraft developers
  • 2 food trucks
  • 5 port-a-potties
  • KROQ booth
  • Nvidia 3D booth
  • Cosplayers
  • Free Tshirts and posters
  • And of course, StarCraft fans

It literally was like a concert. Before we arrived to the event, we encountered drunks on the parking lot next to their car, finishing up their booze as they were hootin’ and hollerin’. Most of the major news networks were there to capture this event. The KROQ booth guys were also thrilled to be hanging out with their fellow nerds (kidding by the way).

It was a fun event. Check out the event’s gallery below! Also, don’t forget to enter our StarCraft II contest for a chance to win a StarCraft II T-shirt.

Nerd Reactor StarCraft II T-shirt Giveaway

Sarah Kerrigan cosplayer and cute fan.

COO of Blizzard Entertainment, Paul Sams

Q&A session with the StarCraft crew

Nvidia’s 3D booth was set up to take 3d pictures of fans. Fans can later check out their 3d image using 3d glasses.

Country music at a StarCraft event? You betcha!

“I’m missing the Bachelorette for this?”

The Hot Dog on a Stick girls are here.

But StarCraft fans would rather get burritos instead.

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