The Cosplaying Ladies of Comic-Con International 2010

We present to you the cosplayers of San Diego Comic-Con International 2010. Enjoy!

The Green Hornet Gang

Imperial Officer and Lady Gaga

Harley Quinn Arkham Asylum


Princess Peach and Red Riding Hood

Slave Leia

C. Viper and Chun-Li

Wonder Woman and Robin


More Slave Leia!

Silent Hill Nurse

Posison Ivy from Arkham Asylum

Kat Steel as Chun-Li

Princess of Persia

Slave Leia

Green Lantern and Green Arrow with Catwoman and Batman

Green Hornet Crew

Wonder Woman

Poison Ivy and Silent Hill Nurse

Kawaii Pikachu!

Black Widow

Firefly Slave Leia

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