“It’s About Time” – StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty Preview!

The long anticipated wait is over! The Beta testing has finished! StarCraft II: Wings Of Liberty releases tomorrow, July 27th-2010, at 12:00am…And we will be at the official Blizzard Launch to bring the party to YOU! http://nerdreactor.com/2010/07/20/starcraft-ii-midnight-launch-event-coming-to-frys-electronics/

The celebrities are back; Sexy Queen Kerrigan, Smoking Bandit Reynor and Whispering Eye Zeratul (because he’s so sneaky). We had the opportunity for the past couple of months to beta test SC2 and it was a nice treat. Now we do not want to spoil anything for you but we did give a sneak peak into the game. Take a look!


Raynor's new marine suite

Look at those whispering eyes

The game play is all the same; build quick, counter opponents units, and expand. That said, the game is very new as well. For the thousands of StarCraft fans this is a whole new chapter that has taking more then a decade to complete and shows off new technology and new in game features. For those new to the game this gives the chance for a whole new breed of players to build on the legacy of the original and expansion. Our favorite units have returned but they brought some relatives to play!! The Terran Siege Tank “READY TO ROLL OUT!” and Drop Ship “WE’RE IN FOR SOME CHOP” (which also is a classic line from James Camerons Aliens film) both made the roster.

Tank in Siege Mode

Drop Ship with new Medevac Mode

Two new Terran units are quite impressive. Thor, a huge anti air and ground mechanical unit, is a beast! Accompyning that is its similarity to Arnold Schwanger personified voice. Terran Reapers have replaced Firebats. They use flame weaponry and have the ability to jump up and around terrain in game making them an easy rush unit or infiltrator to bases.



As usual the Protoss get the coolest things to play with. Of course classics like the Zealot and the Carrier had to stay in the game.

Protss Zealots

Protoss Carrier

Keep with the classics, in with the new and out with the old, right?! Banished have the Dragoons been and now Immortals have taking reign! And I suppose this next addition was one too many art designers at Blizzard who watched War of the Worlds excessively; once was enough! The Colossus is Protoss new strategy against infantry units. With high, upgradeable, beams it slices through the competition!

Immortal > Dragoon

The Colossus followed by troops

The Zerg have not been left out in all of this fun.  Ugly as hell Hydralisks and Zerglings remain number one feared massed units in the game, respectively. Some new upgrades and creep features are available.



To be honest the Zerg were left out of most of the fun. The race did not see much new light in units however to keep with the tradition of the Zerg, Blizzard did give a ton more upgradeable features, different spawning options, and a vast ability to control the battlefield with a limited amount of varied units. I guess they did get something after all.

StarCraft II – Wings of Liberty Beta has been a fun roller-coaster. Now it is time for you to decide and to let us know what you think of the game when it is released tomorrow.

Finally here is a “Ghost of the Past” video of the highly anticipated SC2. ENJOY!


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