Comic-Con 2010: Harry Potter Fan Stabs Con Attendee

Well this is definitely a first for Comic-Con.  I’ve been to a few in the past and I’ve never heard any violence happening at the con, let alone a fight breaking out.  So what exactly happened?. After the Resident Evil: Afterlife panel, a man in a Harry Potter t-shirt got into an argument with another fan who refused to switch seats.  In the heat of the argument, the man in the Harry Potter shirt attacked the other attendee with a pen.  Blood could visibly be seen on the attackers Con exclusive shirt. He was then arrested and the victim was carried off on a stretcher for minor bleeding.  There was a slight delay in the programming immediately following the attack. When the dust settled and everything resumed, Harrison Ford of Cowboys & Aliens wasted no time poking fun at the altercation to lighten the mood.

Reports are coming in now that the stabbing was actually “severe scratching.”  If I was the guy that got arrested, I would own up to stabbing, because nobody wants to be remembered as the guy that got arrested for “severe scratching” at Comic-Con.


Source: Zap2it and Movie Line

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