Kyou, Koi wo Hajimemasu (AKA Today, We Start Our Love)

Kyou Koi wo HajimemasuFirst Episode is out and being a fan of the manga, I love it! However, they really should work on the mouth movements, but what the hey, it just started and needs a little boost. When it makes a bit of money, it can work on the production quality!

Having followed the manga, I know exactly what to expect in the story; however, the way the first episode was made, it is very difficult for people who have not read the manga to understand what happened. They had condensed the entire first chapter into the first 3 minutes before the opening song. In addition, they entirely left out a key element of the entire story!


Tsubaki Hibino, the main character, is really good at anything that concerns hair and is really really straight forward! In the entire first chapter you learn that Tsubaki Hibino ends up cutting the other main character’s hair, Tsubaki Kyouta, the most popular and top student at her school. Because of Tsubaki Kyouta’s excessive attention to her, other girls don’t like her.


Now for all that to be condensed without much dialog in the first 3 minutes, it’s going to be hard to understand.

They had done a pretty good job at catching the essence of the manga in the anime though. For those who have been following the manga and loved it, I would really recommend watching the anime. For those who haven’t read the manga and love drama with a dash of comedy, I would recommend the manga. But I should warn you, because of the smut content, you have to be over 18 to read it here!

Grade: B+

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